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The Women of IFA Network (WIN) represents and connects the many professional women working in international tax. IFA strives at being representative for a dynamic international tax community and encourages the participation of women in the Association’s structures and proceedings. After a first successful gathering in 2013 in Copenhagen, the WIN events were followed up during the next congresses.

Over the years more women have entered the professional field of international taxation and IFA now has over 2.600 female members across the globe. To increase the visibility of women within IFA, WIN has formulated the following objectives:

  • Building an international and trusted referral network of women in international taxation;
  • Increasing the level of women speakers and participation on IFA panels;
  • Increasing the visibility of women within IFA by establishing WIN branches at national level to improve the involvement and visibility of women in the IFA community locally.

Since its establishment, WIN has been pursuing several initiatives that have resulted into building an active community of international female tax professionals who join the local IFA branches. One of these initiatives is the profile book of Women in Tax. The profile book was first launched in the IFA London congress to celebrate the 100 years of women being allowed to practice in law and accountancy in many countries around the world and therefore in tax. Since then, the profile book is being revised annually and published online before the annual IFA congress. In order to keep the profile book up-to-date, all female IFA members are invited to fill in their profile here.

As of 2021, 98% of IFA branches, worldwide, have identified (and/or appointed) a WIN representative of their branch. WIN branches and WIN representatives contribute to the attainment of the WIN objectives at the branch, regional and global levels of IFA.

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The Dutch IFA branch established a Dutch WIN branch in 2015. The WIN activities of the Dutch WIN branch are organized by the Dutch WIN committee comprising a mixed group of tax professionals. The Dutch WIN committee organizes regular meetings, seminars and network events for Dutch WIN and future Dutch WIN members, as well as other members of the Dutch IFA branch. The WIN activities are striving to combine technical, soft skill and social components and address matters that are of particular importance to female leadership. In addition to the local initiatives, the Dutch WIN branch organizes several activities together with other WIN branches from the European region, thus facilitating cross-jurisdictional advancement of the WIN objectives.

By becoming a member of the Dutch WIN branch, you are joining a fast growing group of female tax professionals in the Netherlands, currently counting approximately 250 members. In this way, you allow yourself to expand your network of peers from various backgrounds within the Netherlands and internationally; broaden your technical knowledge; develop soft skills and address career development matters that are akin to female tax professionals; participate in and speak at the Dutch WIN branch activities pursued by the Dutch WIN locally and across Europe; be a (co-)reporter for the IFA annual congress on behalf of the Dutch IFA branch; and last but not least participate in the annual IFA congress!

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