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Use of funds for the purpose of promoting the study and practice of international tax law

The Dutch IFA branch aims to use its funds to promote the study and practice of international tax law in or in relation to the Netherlands or for the position of the Netherlands in the international environment. More information is available in the document 'Aanwending vermogen NVIB', available in Dutch only (automated transation here).

IFA Seminar Better MAPs Ahead - Presentation Mr Barret (OECD) 2015 Report - YIN Winter Seminar 2015 (Dutch)
Agenda september meeting 2016
Draft report Future TP
Minutes May 2016 meeting
Finale Directives Future TP
Members fee 2017
New Members 2016
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GA 2017 - agenda
GA - agenda point 4
GA 2017 - agenda point 5
ALV 2017 - directive GAAR
ALV 2017 - WHT
ALV 2017 - new members
ALV 2017 - minutes 2016 meeting