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Mitchell B. Caroll Prize and Maurice Laur© Prize

The IFA has instituted the Mitchell B. Carroll Prize in order to encourage scientific work. This Prize is awarded for a work dealing with international fiscal questions, comparative fiscal law or local fiscal law with the emphasis on the relationships with the fiscal law of foreign jurisdictions.

Furthermore, in 2010 IFA launched the Maurice Laur© Prize. IFA has instituted this Prize in order to encourage scientific work on international indirect taxation. The Prize is named in honour of Maurice Laur©, who was instrumental in the first implementation of the Value Added Tax system in France, now applied in more than 160 jurisdictions.

Competition for both Prizes is open to lawyers, accountants and economists. There is an age limit of 40. Rules on competition can be found under the section 'Documents'.

If you are a lawyer, accountant or economist and if you would like to compete for the 2016 Mitchell B. Carroll or Maurice Laur© Prizes, please supply the IFA General Secretariat with six (hard) copies of your thesis and CV.

Address details of the IFA General Secretariat

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